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Racism in the courtroom: “2 Years of Trial Monitoring”, 06/12/2015

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Public Lecture Series: Racism in the courtroom
Session 4 of 4: “2 Years of Trial Monitoring”

Even though it is increasingly acknowledged, that racism can be found at many levels of society, the judiciary is usually thought to be a “neutral” and “objective” sphere. Thus, the aim of the series of lectures “racism in the courtroom” is to open up a space to criticise racism as an everyday phenomenon in the criminal justice system.

After lawyers reported about the courtroom atmosphere for people of colour, a comparative perspective on how the issue is dealt with in the UK, and most recently an insight into the psychological dimension of racism within the courtroom, we will use the fourth session to give an account of our work. We would like to present and discuss some transcripts of trials with regard to the following questions: How does racism manifest itself in the courtroom? What recurring patterns can be identified? What difficulties come along with the monitoring of trials? What strategies can we develop for the future?

Location: Werkstatt der Kulturen, Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin
Time: December 9th 2015, Wednesday, 7pm
Barrier-free access, whispered translation German-English